Solo Slim® products are dedicated to offering our customers the very best in natural weight loss alternatives. We select natural ingredients that have scientific evidence on how they work in the human body to increase your chances of losing weight and improving your overall health. Make an educated and informed decision to help you achieve your weight loss goals with Solo Slim®

As the ingredients and the evidential science advances and improves, we react to improve our formula and offer the most technologically advanced formulations. As we become the home for all your nutritional needs, we pledge to never stop searching and creating the best and most recent clinical breakthroughs in weight loss solutions. We will always utilize new scientific evidence so you can have complete confidence in our products' ability to help you achieve your goals.

Solo Slim Evolution® is our strongest formulation to date. What makes it unique is that the combination of these ingredients creates a multi-functional approach to weight loss, aiding weight management in a variety of ways. We feel it's the only product in the market that addresses all of the major causes of weight related problems in one formula.

» Studies and Clinical Trial information for Solo Slim® Evolution, Solo Slim® Advanced, and Solo Slim® Advanced Burner can be found here.

» Ingredient information for Solo Slim® Evolution, Solo Slim® Advanced, and Solo Slim® Advanced Burner can be found here.

Our Solo Slim® Advanced family of products separately address two major concerns in weight control. We recommend Solo Slim® Advanced for those who are looking for an appetite suppression product while targeting lean body mass. Solo Slim Burner specializes in enhancing metabolism, increasing your natural ability to burn calories. As always the ingredients and their clinical studies are available to you on our website.

Whichever product you choose, we care confident that it will make a significant difference in your life and well being. As in all our products you have a 30 day guarantee, but we encourage you to try all products as each person's body and needs vary.

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